Alhazem Group



Shearing : The process of steel cutting is done by CNC machines that are digitally controlled with thicknesses of up to 50 mm, which helps to avoid human errors.

Welding : We use in all welding work MIG welding machines because of its high quality in continuous welding with thicknesses of up to 40 mm under the hands of specialized technicians.

Painting : The painting process begins by cleaning the metal surface from impurities and oils and sanding the surface to the smoothest possible degree, followed by selecting the appropriate materials for painting and applying them according to the instructions of the manufacturer with advanced equipment.

Fastening : The process of fastening the screws is done by using electric connecting guns with controlling the strength of the fastening to ensure that the fastening screws are not damaged, which leads to weak resistance.

Measurements : All measurement operations are carried out in the manufacturing stages by the factory's engineers using laser measuring devices being more accuracy than traditional measurement methods.